The First Regional 100-Second Water and Energy Film Festival to be held on World Environment Day 2021 in Tehran - Deadline for submission of works: April 20, 2021

The First Regional 100-Second Water and Energy Film Festival will be held in Tehran.

The First Regional 100-Second Water and Energy Film Festival will be held by the Ministry of Energy of Iran, in cooperation with the  UNESCO Tehran Cluster Office to commemorate World Environment Day 2021 in Tehran.

The pivotal slogan of the Festival is "100 Seconds for Water and Energy" to demonstrate the importance of energy under the global status quo and with respect to the environment. the Festival seeks to raise awareness on the significance of water and energy consumption management for environmental conservation, highlight the role of optimal consumption of water and energy resources in sustainable development, encourage communities to manage water and energy consumption during widespread emergencies, introduce the process of generating, transferring, and distributing energy, and ilustrate the process of collecting and harvesting, transferring, refining, and distributing water.

The five Festival themes: 1) the  environmental value of water and energy, 2)  the economic, social, and cultural values of water and energy, 3) climate change, water, and energy, 4)  the role of the media in promoting optimal water and energy consumption management, and 5) access to safe drinking water and sustainable energy.

Filmmakers from the countries covered by the UNESCO Tehran Cluster Office i.e., Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, and Turkmenistan can submit their productions aligned with the aforesaid Festival goals and themes in the form of films, documentaries, or animations,  provided no loger than 100 seconds and have not been previously screened in any other film festival.

All productions should be uploaded in a good quality MP4 format on the Festival website no later than April 20, 2021.

The Festival is being sponsored by a number of national and regional entities including the UNESCO Offices in  Kabul  and Islamabad, the Pakistan Research Council of Water Resources, the Afghan Film Organization, the Iran Youth Cinema Association, the Tehran Provincial General Directorate of Islamic Guidance, the International Center on Qanats and Historic Hydraulic Structures, major specialized companies affiliated with the Ministry of Energy, and the Province of Isfahan Water and Wastewater Company.


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