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Safeguarding biodiversity: FAO, Iran success in securing Bactrian Camels future

28 December 2023

TEHRAN - Bactrian Camel Conservation Project completion is not only an achievement, but a testament to our collective commitment to biodiversity conservation and sustainable development, Yubak Dhoj GC, FAO Representative a.i. to the Islamic Republic of Iran said in a message on the terminal workshop of the Bactrian Camel Conservation Project on 28 December.

In the pursuit of preserving the Bactrian camel, a species listed as "Critically Endangered" by the IUCN, FAO initiated a project two years ago to provide technical support for preservation of Bactrian camel through enhancing both in-situ and ex-situ conservation. Various training courses empowered camel owners, experts, veterinarians and scientists.

“Simultaneously, enhancing the livelihoods of local herders, capacity building, and raising awareness among society and policymakers play a crucial role in the sustainability of such projects. Our commitment to protect this valuable species has been realized in close cooperation with the Ministry of Agricultural Jahad,” GC stated.

Referring to the challenges faced during the implementation phase, he mentioned main achievements of the project including, the establishment of the first germplasm hub for Bactrian camels in Iran at the Jafar Abad station, capacity-building programs for government experts and camel herders through national and international training programs, empowering the newly established cooperative company by procuring feeding equipment as well as facilitating a wool processing workshop.

Moreover, he pointed out some other achievements such as microchipping of Bactrian camels, providing nutritional supplements, vaccines, and medicines coupled with the customization of the Sareban Yar application for performance recording.

“We have embraced advanced reproductive technologies, such as the cryopreservation of genetic materials from Bactrian camels. In a groundbreaking initiative, we have also attempted embryo transfer,” he further highlighted.

He expressed trust that the government will continue its efforts to conserve this valuable species, building on the work which has been modelled jointly by FAO in this project.

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