The Resident Coordinator's Office

In the Islamic Republic of Iran, the United Nations is represented by 20 resident and non-resident entities that carry out their respective activities. The UN Country Team (UNCT) is made up of representatives of the agencies, funds and specialized programmes. As the head of the country team (UNCT), the UN Resident Coordinator (RC) guides and supports the work of the UNCT, ensuring effective coordination and cooperation within the mandates of each UN entity.

The UN Resident Coordinator's Office (RCO) is the main support structure for the activities of the RC and the UNCT, to help strengthen the joint activities of the United Nations system in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Its mission is to maximize, in a coordinated manner, the work of the United Nations to ensure that the system provides a collective, coherent and integrated assistance to national priorities and needs, within the framework of the Global Goals and other international commitments.

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The UN Resident Coordinator a.i. in Iran

Claudio Providas has worked over the last 27 years with the UN and UNDP (Mozambique, NY-HQ, Trinidad and Tobago, Ecuador, Bolivia, Timor-Leste and Iran) both in Humanitarian and Development context. Master in Management (EAP France) and also Biologist (BA Univ Republica Uruguay).