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Decade of Action for SDGs commemorated with focus on environment

15 October 2020

During the virtual conference the speakers delivered speeches on the SDGs number: 6, 7, 13 ,14, 15 and 17.

Director of the Ambassadors of Peace and Friendship Group Dr. Tayebeh Mohammad, while welcoming the guests mentioned that our nature is our home and it's necessary to keep our home safe.

UNIC consultant Amir Mohammad Kamalou delivered the message of UNIC Officer-in-Charge Mohammad Rajai-Moghadam.

Ms. Mitra Hajjar, a well-known Iranian actress and environmentalist, was the moderator of the meeting. She spoke about turning decisions on environment into practical actions in preserving the natural environment.

Head of the International Office of the Department of Environment (DoE), Ms. Narges Saffar spoke about peace and environment.

Another speaker, the Head of the DoE’s Convention Group, Ms. Sanaz Sabeti spoke about wastes and their residues.

The third speaker, the former consultant of DoE and a member of royal society of Britain, Mr. Esmaeil Kahrom spoke about revitalization of the wetlands.

The former member of DoE, Dr. AsgharFazel in his remarks talked about biodiversity.

The environmentalist and the founder of "Ganjine" (support fund for environmentalists), Mr. Bahman Izadi spoke about people's participation in protecting the environment.

The Sociologist and University of Babolsar’s faculty member, Dr. Mahmoud Share'pour spoke about the amount of carbon produced by every person and its impacts on environut.


Decade of Action for SDGs commemorated with focus on environment


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