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Webinar promotes Decade of Action for SDGs

18 October 2020

The speakers gave their speeches with focus on the first, second, third and seventeenth SDGs.

Director of the Ambassadors of Peace and Friendship Group, Dr. Tayebeh Mohammad, in her opening remarks briefed the participants on the importance of SDGs.

UNIC National Information Officer Mr. Mohammad Rajai-Moghadam spoke about the concept of Sustainable development  and SDGs.

Other speakers of the virtual conference were: Sociologist, Dr. Sogul Mashayekhi; aviation catering manager, Dr. Marmar Jahanfar; Vice-president of Tehran Conservatory of Music Organisation, Dr. Meysam Mo'afi; founder of Istgah orchestra, Mr. Mehdi Norouzi; The manager of the Boomi restaurant, Ms. Aisa Papoli who delivered speeches on  “communication skills and anger control”, “eradication of food poverty”, “music and peace”, “creative tools of peace and international orchestras”, and “tolerant communication and elimination of hunger”.

Istgah orchestra displayed a video of sixteen musicians who performed a peace musical piece together. Four of those musicians from different countries, in a separate video talked about their experiences.


Webinar promotes Decade of Action for SDGs


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