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International Youth Day Commemorated in the Decade of Action for SDGs

26 August 2020

The Ambassadors for Peace and Friendship Group in cooperation with the United Nations Information Center (UNIC) in Tehran held a virtual seminar on the occasion of International Youth Day in the Decade of Action for Sustainable development Goals (SDGs) on Wednesday 12 August 2020.

Welcoming the guests, Manager of the Peace and Friendship Ambassadors Group Dr. Tayebeh Mohammad mentioned the cooperation of the Group and the United Nations in Tehran with Iranian celebrities.

Dr. Maria Dotsenko, Director of UNIC Tehran delivered the message of the UN Secretary-General on the occasion of International Youth Day 2020 for the participants.

Artin Roustakhan, a ten-year-old child, read a short text in English to convey the message "You, young people, are building my future" to the youth presented at the meeting.

Mr. Amir Mohammad, a successful young man residing in Italy, spoke about the impact of youth in controlling the corona virus in Italy.

Mr. Ashkan Khatibi, a young actor and secretary of the Ambassadors for Peace and Friendship, began his speech by referring to the ideals of sustainable development and Mr. Guterres' message on International Youth Day. At the end of his speech, he stated that as the young secretary of the ambassadors of peace and friendship, he would like to pursue the first and second goals of the SDGs.

The orchestra “Istgah”, led by Mr. Mehdi Norouzi, performed their music in two sessions.

Ms. Maha Hanifi from the UAE was another speaker at the meeting, who expressed her work and motivation.

Ms. Roxana Razeghian, a member of the national canoe slalom team, began her speech with the title "Sport is not a battlefield" and mentioned that sport should be combined with peace and taught to from childhood.

Mr. Iman Rezazadeh, project manager of the Road to Peace, talked about his activities regarding ‘coffee a reason to communicate’ over the past few years.

Ms. Melika Tabrizi, the youngest Iranian writer in 2018, spoke about the danger of the extinction of the Persian language in the coming years due to the introduction of many foreign words into the Persian language.

Ms. Tahereh Bahrami, a narrator and reader of Shahnameh, read verses from the story of Siavash and examined the character of this young myth of Ferdowsi's Shahnameh.

Dr. Hossein Baher, a sociologist and university professor, spoke about the impact of youth on Iranian society and the world.

Actress and environmental activist Ms. Mitra Hajar, mentioned that young people are now the future makers of tomorrow.

Ms. Rosa Shahsavari, an international professor of yoga and meditation, spoke about self-knowledge and self-attainment in her youth.

Dr. Sogol Mashayekhi, a behaviorist and sociologist, concluded the meeting. At the end of her speech, she mentioned the plan of holding life skills training workshops.

International Youth Day Commemorated in the Decade of Action for SDGs


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