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Commemorating World Science Day for Peace and Development meeting

17 November 2020

During the webinar, the speakers gave their speeches with the focus on the theme of the World Science Day for Peace and Development 2020, namely " Science for and with Society in dealing with the global pandemic.”

Welcoming the guests, Director of Ambassadors of Peace and Friendship Group Dr. Tayebeh Mohammad, dedicated the meeting to the medical community and medical staff of the world, particularly, Iranian medical doctors, nurses and medical cadres for their tireless efforts in fight against COVID-19.

The UNIC Officer-in-Charge, Mr. Mohammad Rajai-Moghadam, spoke about the history and background of World Day of Science for Peace and Development.

The webinar’s moderator, Melika Tabrizi, while thanking and appreciating all the participating scholars, broadcast the voice of Dr. Ahmad Dalaki, the father of amateur astronomy and the first speaker of the meeting. In his speech, Dr. Dalaki described COVID as a meteorite that has existed for a long time but has now emerged.

The next speaker was Dr. Dariush Farhoud, the father of Iranian genetics. He gave a speech entitled “Ethics and Science”. He referred to the issue of robots in the coming years and considered it a serious threat to human society.

Dr. Ahmad Rousta, the father of modern Iranian marketing, gave a speech on business and corona. He stated that compatibility is the key to stability and sustainability. “We need to change our life and business management style,” he added

Prof. Mohsen Farshad Yekta, the father of Iranian metaphysics, talked to participants on peace and metaphysics. He pointed out that in order to achieve peace, one must think of peace.

In order to achieve the goals of the World Day of Science for Peace and Development, which is to create a suitable platform for those interested in getting acquainted with scientific centers, a video from the National Museum of Science and Technology was displayed for the participants.

Then, Director of the National Museum of Science and Technology Dr. Saifullah Jalili said that in order to have a peace-oriented society, statesmen must increase the scientific context, because awareness and science will lead to peace in the right direction.

Director of the Amateur Astronomical Society of Iran Dr. Masoud Atighi, introduced the Amateur Astronomical Society and elaborated on peace and science. He said that sustainable development can be achieved only by the world peace.

Sociologist Dr. Sogol Mashayekhi gave a speech on the subject of science in Rumi's poems.

Dr. Mehrdad Rastgoo, a physician, gave a lecture on knowledge and understanding.

Mr. Yarta Yaran, poet and researcher, while concluding the meeting, pointed out the main issues in the speakers' speeches. He also suggested that a committee of thinkers be formed to promote solidarity among the countries of the world.


Commemorating World Science Day for Peace and Development meeting


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