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Iranian photographers’ success at UN photo contest

30 September 2020

#TheWorldWeWant is a special collection of 75 photos, curated from more than 50,000 images crowdsourced from over 100 countries. It is a creative response to the UN Secretary-General’s call to hear directly from the peoples of the world about their hopes and dreams for the future. The exhibit will be available to UN entities for use and has been approved by the Exhibits Committee.

Photo: © Mohammad Moheimani, Islamic Republic of Iran

Photo: © Farzad Ariannejad, Islamic Republic of Iran, photo taken in Netherlands

The photos express a stunning array of diverse and compelling perspectives capturing humanity’s resilience and undaunted hope for a brighter future; a profound awareness of our interconnectedness; a deep aspiration for equality, justice and inclusion; and a sense of awe for nature’s beauty and its power to sustain all life in being.

Together the 75 images form a visual manifesto illustrating a collective drive to protect, heal and regenerate our world and demonstrating there is much more that unites us than divides us.

Iranian photographers’ success at UN photo contest


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